Peripheral Media

Passionate dedication to Software Testing, Technology and Media

What we offer:

Software Testing Consultancy
From evangalising software testing practices to consulting on matters of test management and building stronger Testing awareness in businesses

Public Speaking
Speaking at events and conferences on technical subjects and soft skills within technology.

Teaching / Instructing
Hosting training workshops on technical topics (Docker, AWS, JMeter) and presenting stand alone talks of technical subjects to motivate and inspire

Who we've worked with:

Peripheral Media has been involed in several industries in the years since its founding in 2015. Clients include LinkedIn Learning,,, Beastrig, Samsung, Coolermaster, IndieBox and The Gamer Network offering services and consuntancy.

Our Story:

Peripheral Media was created in 2015 as the trading name of Michael Smith; previously working as an IT engineer and YouTube content creator, Mike decided to create his own company and start pitching ideas to companies. His passion was quickly noticed by the game distribution site and Peripheral Media went on to create and host one of the largest viewed talkshows on Since then the trading name of Peripheral Media has consulted with companies both large and small.